F-35 Jets
F-35 JetsYissachar Ruas

An analyst living in the Arab gulf who is in close contact with numerous leaders and officials in the area, spoke with Arutz Sheva about the formal request submitted by Qatar to the United States to purchase F-35 fighter jets. His name is withheld for personal reasons.

"Qatar and Iran have big military collaboration", the analyst explains, "and such a deal could lead to more instability".

In wake of the Abraham Accords, which were approved today by the Israeli government, the analyst says: "UAE and Israel have a common concern of Qatar’s intentions since they (Qatar and Iran) have a history of destabilizing the region".

He explains that Qatar opposes the recent regulation agreements: "Qatar wants the peace agreements between UAE Bahrain and Israel to cease! We want it to sustain!".

"F-35 in Qatar means advanced weapons in the wrong hands which leads to an unstable Middle East", the analyst concludes.