demonstration against haredi draft law
demonstration against haredi draft law Meir Selah

Nearly five months since the new government was sworn in and despite the rulings of the Supreme Court Defense Minister Benny Gantz has not yet brought to the government and Knesset the wording of the draft law agreed upon in the coalition agreements.

Reshet Bet reported Sunday morning that sources in the haredi parties claim that Blue and White and Gantz are deliberately delaying the promotion of the draft law in order to put pressure on Netanyahu on the issue of the state budget.

According to the same sources, Ganz, who is responsible for the draft law legislation by virtue of his position as defense minister, refrained from presenting the law and bringing it for approval in the government and the Knesset, out of a desire to raise the issue of recruitment together with the state budget.

The sources claimed that in this way Gantz seeks to get the haredi parties to pressure Netanyahu to compromise on the issue of enacting the 2021 budget immediately.

In light of of the escalation of the dispute between Blue and White and the Likud, in recent days, officials in the political system estimate that the prime minister may initiate a new election as early as the end of December.