Spitzer and Eli Bin
Spitzer and Eli BinMDA Spokesperson

Jonathan Spitzer, an MDA ambulance driver and paramedic from the Jerusalem area, has celebrated more than a few Jewish holidays over the years. But due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis in the country, Spitzer realized the holiday spirit may be lost on those most in need of a celebration.

With this in mind, Spitzer embarked on a creative mission to ensure MDA staff got a chance to celebrate the joyous occasion, bringing the sukkah to their doorstep. Spitzer built a mobile sukkah towed by an ambulance, and traveled cross-country bringing the holiday to health professionals working tirelessly to halt the pandemic.

So far, Spitzer says he has visited dozens of MDA facilities in the Jerusalem area, in the center of the country, the south, and today, (Thursday, October 8) he toured treatment centers in northern Israel. To date, hundreds of MDA employees have fulfilled the commandment of dwelling in the sukkah, enjoying snacks and drinks in a unique holiday atmosphere emblematic of Israeli Jews' ability to come together in times of hardship.

When asked about the project and people's reactions to it, Spitzer says: "MDA employees are very happy and excited to see the sukkah. Many felt they were missing out on the holiday spirit due to the extreme workload. For me, this is a very important undertaking. It brings people joy and provides a feeling of togetherness for everyone involved. Driving down Israel's highways, drivers beep and smile out at me when they catch glimpse of a sukkah attached to an ambulance. That's an added incentive," he points out.

In addition to being a medic and driver, Spitzer coordinates MDA's Chabad activities during the holidays, distributes care packages for Purim, Passover matzahs, and more.

MDA Director General, Eli Bin, said "Between operating treatment facilities, treating and evacuating coronavirus patients to hospitals, performing home testing, attending to emergencies, as well as routine treatment, we are grateful for the opportunity to stop for a moment and experience the holiday spirit."

"We all hope that the coronavirus crisis will end shortly and by the time the next Jewish holiday arrives, we no longer have to worry about it." "On behalf of MDA, its employees and volunteers, I would like to wish the citizens of Israel a happy holiday and good health," added Bin.