Islamic Jihad terrorists
Islamic Jihad terrorists Reuters

Ziad al-Nakhala, leader of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, called on the PLO to revoke its recognition of the "Zionist entity" and to rebuild the PLO in such a way that it becomes a framework that represents all Palestinian organizations.

Speaking on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Jihad, Nakhala advocated the declaration of a "stage of national liberation" in which priority will be given to the resistance against Israel in all its characteristics and the realization of national unity.

Nakhala noted that the peace process under the auspices of the Oslo Accords had failed, and that the "enemy" was trying to turn the “West Bank” into a "state for the settlers."

He confirmed that Islamic Jihad would run in the elections for the Palestinian National Council (the PLO parliament), but demanded that they be separate from the parliamentary elections.

Islamic Jihad seeks to be part of a PLO that does not recognize the "Zionist entity," which cancels the agreements signed with it and is loyal to the Palestinian National Convention which calls for an uncompromising armed struggle until the liberation of all “Palestinian territory”.

In response to the US “Deal of the Century” and the establishment of relations between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and Israel, the Palestinian Authority is leading a process of national reconciliation, centered on integrating Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the PLO and holding elections for Palestinian institutions.