Gamzu GPO

Coronavirus Czar Prof. Ronni Gamzu addressed the alleged violations of coronavirus regulations by Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel and MK Micky Levy Tuesday afternoon and said that he feels "a sense of disappointment."

"These actions damage and crack public trust. Public figures should not look for relief and cut corners, but should stick to the straight and narrow. Every violation, whether small or big, is magnified because it sets a personal example," Prof. Gamzu said.

Prof. Gamzu noted at the briefing that there appears to be some reduction in morbidity levels in recent days, but at this stage it is still unclear if this is a trend which will continue.

"We do not know if the R is 1, it is in the general area. I asked the cabinet for a few more days to examine the morbidity," the Coronavirus Czar said.

On the steps to come out of the current lockdown, Gamzu explained that "in the first stage, the whole of Israel will be defined as red, the traffic light program will return in the stages of opening trade."

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