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Yesh Atid Party Chairman MK Yair Lapid announced that a member of his faction, Micky Levy, would not continue to serve as a Coronavirus Committee member.

"Lapid spoke with Mickey Levy and agreed in cooperation with the Knesset Member that he would leave his position on the Coronavirus Committee in light of guideline violation. Mickey Levy apologized and will of course pay any fine to be imposed on him," a Yesh Atid party spokesman said.

MK Yair Lapid added, "I call on everyone to keep the guidelines and guard yourself and those around you."

Last night Channel 12 News reported Levy staying at his son's house on the eve of Sukkot, and met his extended family despite the general closure.

A Mickey Levy spokesman said in response to the publication that "MK Levy went to his son's house in Mevaseret, which is within walking distance, not far from his house, in order to bring them food for the holiday and so as not to gather together on the holiday for a meal as they are accustomed to do. He stayed for a short time during the visit to the yard, and returned home."

In addition, on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, MK Miki Levy also met his family. His three granddaughters were with him from noon until evening, so his daughter-in-law also came and took them.

MK Mickey Levy confirmed the details. "Indeed the three granddaughters were with us from noon and their parents picked them up in the evening. I express regret over the incident and of course I will pay any fine I owe by law," he said.

Levy is not the only public official to flout coronavirus guidelines. Environmental protection Minister Gila Gamliel today also apologized for a similar circumstance. Like Levy, a Gamliel spokesman stressed that their family is accustomed to gathering "throughout the year and on holidays". Also like Levy, Gamliel emphasized that she would readily pay the statutorily imposed fine.

Neither Levy nor Gamliel have offered to forfeit their public positions after violating government policy.

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