A special 'Mi SheBeirach' prayer was recited at the Western Wall Monday morning, wishing for the speedy recovery of President Donald Trump.

The prayer was recited following the Birkat Kohanim ceremony, and was recited by the two Chief Rabbis of Israel, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, and Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon.

The prayer was recited as follows:

"From this holy place, in the presence of the Chief Rabbis of Israel, the American Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, we shall recite the 'mi shebeirach' prayer on behalf of the American President, and pray for his recovery and success."

"May the One who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses, Aaron, David, and Solomon, heal Donald John the son of Fred by virtue of our prayers."

"May The Holy One, Blessed is He overflow with compassion upon him, to restore him, to heal him, to strengthen him,
and to enliven him, and to send him speedily a complete healing from heaven for his entire body, among the sick of Israel. A healing of the soul and of the body, soon, speedily, without delay."