lockdown Police Spokesperson

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will convene the Corona Cabinet tomorrow (Monday) and it is estimated that he will seek to tighten the lockdown further, at least for a few days.

The decision will be made according to the extent of coronavirus morbidity as recorded during the day. The prime minister's associates say he is interested in tightening the closure on the intermediate days of Sukkot and loosening it a little at the start of next week.

Netanyahu said during a broadcast on his Facebook account on Saturday evening that "it all depends on the data. If the closure does not seem to work well enough - we will tighten it. If we see a decrease in numbers, it will be possible to start talking about an exit."

On the other hand, Defense Minister Benny Gantz argues that the established policy should be maintained and an assessment of the need to tighten the closure should not be made at least until the end of this week. "Policies have been set and rules have been set. We need to be stable and maintain them until the results are clear," he said.

Ministry of Health officials estimate that in the coming days it will become clearer whether the closure has significantly reduced infection or whether there is no real change.