Armenia-Azerbaijan area
Armenia-Azerbaijan areaiStock

The Armenian Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that it has decided to recall its ambassador to Israel for consultations.

The unusual move was taken, officially, in protest of the supply of Israeli weapons to Azerbaijan which, according to Armenia, are being used in clashes between the two countries in Nagorno-Karabakh.

A spokeswoman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying, "We are not prepared to accept a situation in which Israel supplies advanced weapons to Azerbaijan, especially in light of its aggression against Armenia."

The Armenian government just last year decided to open an embassy in Israel for the first time since relations were established between the two nations in 1992. The embassy opened only a few months ago and the ambassador had only been in Israel for a short period.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to Thursday’s decision and said, "Israel regrets Armenia's decision to recall the ambassador to Israel for consultations. Israel attaches importance to our relations with Armenia and in this context sees the Armenian Embassy in Israel as an important tool for promoting them for the benefit of both peoples.”