A left-wing demonstrator was hit by a vehicle during a protest march against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that was held in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening. Magen David Adom paramedics provided her with medical care.

The driver of the vehicle fled the scene and was stopped at a police checkpoint. The possibility that the incident was a deliberate trampling attempt is being investigated.

During Thursday evening’s protest, the leftist demonstrators blocked major arteries. The police called on them to "obey the instructions of the police, clear the traffic arteries and stop violating public order."

The left-wing protest took place despite the law restricting demonstrations during the lockdown period. More than a thousand people demonstrated in Tel Aviv and marched in Dizengoff and Habima squares. Police said the march was illegal and threatened arrests.

The "Black Flags" movement said that “the incitement from the Prime Minister and MKs from the Likud leads to another criminal attack on the demonstrators against Netanyahu and the corruption. The time has come for the Attorney General to wake up and prosecute Miki Zohar and the rest of the haters. He should not come to cry at funerals after demonstrators are murdered here."

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