Donald Trump
Donald Trump Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

A Gallup poll shows that most Americans believe incumbent President Donald Trump will win the Nov. 3 election against former Vice President Joe Biden, and the percentage of respondents who are satisfied with his performance as president stands at 46 percent - the highest number since May.

Earlier this year, before the coronavirus pandemic struck the US, the percentage of Americans who expressed satisfaction with Trump's performance stood at a record high since taking office, with 49 percent approving of his performance.

Trump's approval rating fell to between 38-42 percent following the coronavirus outnreak and months of racial tensions in the US.

The poll also shows that most Americans expressed satisfaction with the way Trump handled the appointment of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg's successor to the Supreme Court. Among Republican voters, the satisfaction rate with Trump stands at 94 percent, while among Democratic voters only 7 percent expressed support for his performance. 39 percent of Independents approve of Trump's performance.

Trump received the highest marks for his handling of the economy with a 54 percent approval rate. 48 percent approve of his handling of law and order matters in light of the riots which have occurred in many American cities in recent months. His approval rating on foreign affairs stands at 46 percent, relations with China at 46 percent, response to the coronavirus at 44 percent, and race relations at 38 percent.

56 percent of respondents said that they believe Trump will win the upcoming presidential election next month. 90 percent of Republicans think Trump will win, while just 73 percent of Democrats believe Joe Biden will win.

The poll was conducted prior to the first presidential debate between Trump and Joe Biden on Tuesday.