NYPD vehicle torched during riots in New York
NYPD vehicle torched during riots in New YorkReuters

It would be naive to believe that anti-Semites are delinquent no matter what. The bible is replete with narratives of Israelites (Abraham included) stirring up trouble. If they’re not tricking the men of Shechem into getting circumcised, they’re making Pharaoh regret a forebear allocating part of Egypt to Jacob’s family. By epic reproduction, the settlers could either capsize Egypt or aid and abet invaders. So the king and his tally-keepers devise a gradual genocide.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks tunnels the Old Testament with a fine tooth comb. A lesson in ‘rational hatred,’ he categorizes the king’s behaviour. “When hate is based on some fear or disapproval that – justified or not – has some logic to it, it can be reasoned with and brought to an end.”

He contrasts it with a different hatred, the one we believe, wrongly, to be the only type. It has no logic and no beginning or end. It’s the army of Amalek attacking the vanguard of Israelite columns en route to the Promised Land. They had neither provocation nor a military purpose. It was hatred pure and simple. Firebrand anti-Zionists would be our modern Amalekite crazies.

And the rational Pharaoh type? Fearful anti-Semites with hatred both logical and (to them) justified?

Soros probably has more fingers in more pies than Bill Gates. Unlike Gates he can’t stand America – or democracy.
The example is being enacted as I write. The backdrop is the contest for the White House. Both parties claim the outcome to be existentially important to America. Both parties warn that the land of the free will be forever altered, for the worse, should the rival win.

Enter a Jewish menace, the archetype insurrectionist, who makes Leon Trotsky a boy scout. Schwartz György, better known as Mr George Soros, pollinates anti-Semites. On the mainstream Left they’re kept in his deep pockets. On the fringe Right (comparatively few) a scheming Jew yanks anti-Semites into the open like rotten molars. Still they are not your rioters, burners, looters and cop-killers.

Soros probably has more fingers in more pies than Bill Gates. Unlike Gates he can’t stand America – or democracy.

Consider the plan to bring anarchy to the streets of America. Soros already has got half the job done. State prosecutors with a radical agenda are on his payroll. Their task is to pare down criminal justice by making a slew of ‘petty’ crimes innocent. (LA Times, New York Times, Politico, USA Today, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, AP, CBS, South Florida Sun-Sentinel.)

But more than pro-criminal the Grand Paymaster is anti-police. Hate groups headed by BLM are the bankroller’s pet projects. Crime waves in many Democrat-governed cities are traceable to the Soros billions doled out.

One of his lawmen is the District Attorney of San Francisco to whom imprisonment is “an act of violence”. Chesa Boudin, being the foster child of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, is hung up on prisons because his parents went down for armed robbery-turned homicide.

But the billionaire has bigger fish to fry. They don’t come much bigger than the President of the United States. “The vengeful and well-funded coalition of Trump-hating insurrectionists is preparing the battlefield for a post-election civil war; threatening to extend the 2020 election into 2021,and to make certain that Joe Biden assumes the presidency even if Donald Trump legitimately wins. The same sore losers who still won’t accept the results of the 2016 contest are preparing to do whatever it takes—even promoting the secession of western states—to force the removal of Donald Trump next January.” See here.

A fantasy of unbalanced people mad about Trump’s 2016 victory? To believe American Greatness, no. The plot is backed by some of the wealthiest people who walk the earth. They rely on storm troopers, on BLM and Antifa rioters, to do the softening up. Philip Roth got the ‘The plot against America’ upside down. The riveting book and series involves Hitler-lovers taking America by storm. Insert Mao lovers and Stalin lovers instead to watch the cloud of totalitarian tendencies gather from the Left.

Before pollinating anti-Semites in America, Soros busy as a wasp, had been doing it in Eastern Europe. An internationalist Jew gambling on a godless utopia for a bloc of countries he’d no business to gamble with was guaranteed to bring out the Jew-haters.

Soros is no mere symbol. More than the House of Rothschild could do in bygone times the Hungarian Jew can summon the capital, buy the alliances, educate disciples, and trouble every corner of Europe with mad visions of a borderless world. Backwater Hungary is nothing to the financier and his Open Society Foundations with mountains of money and a bottomless cause. Love or hate Hungarian leader Viktor Orban, only the dishonest deny the bind he was in consequent of Mr Soros using countries as counters, and the European bloc for a bonanza.

The crux of Orban’s bind involves the sanctity of borders. Whither are they going? Not in Hungary alone but the whole of Europe? Around forty years ago a President of America anticipated the question. To quote Ronald Reagan: “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.” Orban the elected leader and Soros the reckless gambler face off on either side of the border issue. For his part the latter is perfectly candid. Soros wants to reshape Hungary. He’d be a meddler if Hungary were a failed state. But what is he doing with a fully functional democracy, a paid up member of Europe and the United Nations? He calls it a Mafia state. Orban might be closer to the mark if he called his antagonist a Mafiosi.

Mr Soros is not secretive. His mind is an open book. Talking of the resister he said, “Orban treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.” Could it be the definitive meaning of Jewish chutzpah? No question, it’s the perfect example of, ‘Who pays the piper calls the tune.’

From when he set up the Open Society Foundations in 1993 he’s flung in excess of $11 billion at feel-good groups, staffed and loved by the Left. It could be with tongue in cheek that Soros named the foundation after the 1945 book by Karl Popper, ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies.’ The meddler operates as the enemies do in Popper’s title, and not just in the open society of Hungary. In the bastions of freedom, in America, Israel and Europe, Soros busy as a bee is undermining the will of the people spoken through the ballot box. And the disciples he bought do their utmost to push back on behalf of the Paymaster.

Hungary’s leaders regard themselves as defenders of Christian Europe against a surge of migrants incentivized by Soros and his EU cronies to pick Hungary as a likely place to settle down, all the while educating Europeans to regard borders and sovereignty as unwonted vestiges of bygone days.

They’re not alone. All over Europe leaders and parties blame Mr Soros for the mess. Anti-Soros laws and rhetoric are part of the landscape in Serbia, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Who shall cast the first stone at Viktor Orban for plastering billboards with the face of the instigator all over Hungary: “Don’t let George Soros have the last laugh,” they plead.

Of course Jewish activists are aligned with the Soros circus. Aren’t they aligned with every lib circus? There’s good money in having a conscience. “No doubt,” declared the head of the ADL, “The vast majority of American Jews (enjoy) white privilege.”

If white privilege is sinful, and the more privileged the greater the sin, then Zionists and their tiny country are culpable. Then distaste for lovers of Israel is more than a good feeling. It is a moral feeling, and people of conscience have a duty to lay into the ‘Occupation’ and the idea of ‘Annexation’. A moot point: are we dealing with Amalekite crazies or Pharaoh rational types?

The myths and madness of hate are indiscriminate. Watchdog Jews seem to be a susceptible group. They are the fox guarding the henhouse. And the empire of the greatest hen in the house is double glazed with a veneer of nonsense.

Steve Apfel is the prolific author of fiction and non-fiction, of hundreds of articles, essays and several books. He is an expert on public policy, micro-economics and costing techniques, budgeting techniques, sizing up projects, sizing up countries for fixed investment, has written a book on anti-Zionism.(Hadrian's Echo). He has contributed to Israel Affairs, a scholrly journal, and a new book contains 30 chapters culled from his works. The Lockdown policy. A series of 10 essays, broke new ground.