The new immigrants
The new immigrants Jewish Agency

60 new immigrants from Argentina landed in Israel today, Wednesday, with the assistance of the Jewish Agency and accompanied by the Agency's emissary to Argentina, who returned to Israel with them.

The immigrants were very excited to enter the gates of the country and were greeted at Ben Gurion Airport with the traditional "We bring peace upon you" song.

Just before landing, the immigrants wrote: "Here, from an Air France plane, we share with you that in a few moments we will land in our beloved Land of Israel."

"The truth is, there was almost no need for a pilot or navigator on this flight, we just flew from the intensity of excitement, enthusiasm and joy. We are 60 new immigrants from Argentina," they added.

"We chose to come here and celebrate, thank G-d, Sukkot, even under isolation," they said. "And of course all the holidays from now on. Thank you very much to all the citizens of the State of Israel for receiving us with such love."

Following the closure in the State of Israel, there was no one to wait for the immigrants at Ben Gurion Airport and receive them, but David Said, the agency's envoy who accompanied them, tried his best to make up for the lack.

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