Left-wing protesters from the "Black Flags" demonstration movement on Tuesday evening interrupted a Channel 20 broadcast from a protest at Habima Square in Tel Aviv.

As part of the broadcast, a remote studio was set up at the square with the participation of two panelists, Yariv Oppenheimer and Idit Silman.

During the live broadcast, the protesters from the "Black Flags" movement arrived on the scene, attacked the remote studio and interrupted the live broadcast.

Channel 20 is identified with the right.

MK Dr. Shlomo Karhi from the Likud said in response, "Those who uphold democracy have a hard time digesting a Zionist and patriotic broadcast. Freedom of expression ends within the boundaries of their left-wing agenda. It is a shame and a disgrace. It is good that in a few hours we will pass here in the Knesset in the second and third readings the law prohibiting these demonstrators from going beyond the limits of their disgrace."