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After all, she’s a woman, so it ought to go much easier for Amy Coney Barrett than it did for Brett Kavanaugh.

Good luck with that. The Democrats of today appear to be just too angry, at everybody and everything, to let even a woman escape their wrath.

Dare they go medieval on her, too?

If you say, that is no way to treat a lady, they’ll say, that’s no lady, that’s a Republican. Worse, a Trump nominee for the Supreme Court.

Maybe just as bad as all that, she is devoted to her faith, family, country. In the old days, those would merit three standing ovations.

Today those are three strikes and you’re out.

She is a practicing Christian…Catholic. Democrats consider that a sin.

So sinful, word has it that Chuck Schumer and other perpetually indignant Democrats won’t even do the traditional meet-and-greet with her prior to her Oct. 12 testimony.

That’s anger all right…and a movie, a horror flick, we’ve already seen. Millions watched the ruthless grilling.

Would it be wrong to call it a riot what happened for four days, Sept 4-7, 2018? That’s when the Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee pounded Kavanaugh without letup or mercy.

From the streets and into the Congress, rioting they know how to do.

Back then we called it an Inquisition.

We wrote this – “Kavanaugh was simply fun for the Democrats – and also an experiment as to how much cruelty they can get away with before America grew disgusted.”

So, were Americans repelled by the abuse? We’ll know partly, depending on what note the Barrett hearings begin and end.

For Christine Blasey Ford, whom the Democrats dragged in to accuse and wreck Kavanaugh, Republicans were warned to tread cautiously because she’s a woman.

So is Judge Barrett.

Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota district has already been exposed for voter fraud. That is just Exhibit-A.
Can she expect the same deference?

Not that Judge Barrett would want or expect to be categorized together with Mrs. Ford as being too tender and brittle to answer tough questions, because she’s a woman.

We will know surely Nov 3 how it went for her, or weeks later… after the Democrats find tons of mail-in ballots that appear mysteriously out of nowhere.

Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota district has already been exposed for voter fraud. That is just Exhibit-A.

Meantime, it does appear that a number of undecided voters, even some Democrats, are going for Trump, so turned off are they at the Democrats’ vicious treatment of Kavanaugh.

Have the Democrats learned a lesson?

Or maybe cruelty works for them, starting with The New York Times and the rest of the news media, as tracked in this factual inside-the-newsroom thriller, “The Bathsheba Deadline.”

Might they get away with their Experiment?

It’s the kind of Experiment that makes you sick when it’s done against cats and dogs.

This, I think, is the question of our time – how much indecency are Americans willing to tolerate? We never liked it much, getting pushed around. Or watching it happen.

These days, who knows?

Are we even the same people as we were when we stormed the beaches and took guff from nobody?

It is doubtful that the Greatest Generation would give in to the mobs, inside Congress and out.

Most of those heroes are gone. What’s left?

Our only hope is that the best of us have not yet been counted…or awakened.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

He wrote the worldwide book-to-movie bestseller “Indecent Proposal,” the authoritative newsroom epic, “The Bathsheba Deadline,” followed by his coming-of-age classics, “The Girls of Cincinnati,” and, the Holocaust-to-Montreal memoir, “Escape from Mount Moriah.” For that and his 1960s epic “The Days of the Bitter End,” contemporaries have hailed him “The last Hemingway, a writer without peer, and the conscience of us all.” Website: www.jackengelhard.com

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