In a videoconference ceremony that took place on Tuesday morning, Communications Minister MK Yoaz Hendel granted 5G operating licenses to Pelephone, Partner and Hot Mobile companies.

Attending the ceremony were the Ministry’s director-general, Liran Avishar Ben-Horin, members of the tenders committee, and the CEOs of the companies which received operating licenses: Pelephone CEO Ran Guron, Partner CEO Itzik Benvenisti, and Hot CEO mobile Ilan Brock.

Speaking to those assembled, Hendel said that the 5G network would provide a solution to all citizens of the State of Israel, making it possible for everyone to take advantage of the most advanced technology in the world.

He added that, “We are in the midst of one of the most severe crises every to face the State of Israel, one in which most of our social interactions are based on communication infrastructures which require an advanced system and for everyone to have access to ultra-high speed internet.

“From the first moment I entered this office I knew this would be our main mission,” he added. “We needed to bring the country into the future via increased use of advanced communications and developing the mobile communications infrastructure. I am proud of the progress that has been made, both in the fiber-optics revolution that is already underway, and now in 5G. In order to realize the full potential of 5G, we are working to create an ecosystem for advanced start-up industries, in collaboration with the Innovation Authority.”

Hendel added that, “I am delighted that as soon as we had the results of the tender, the companies got right to work to meet the conditions for obtaining a license. I would like to thank our partners in the Finance Ministry as well as the staff of the Communications Ministry along with the director-general, Liran Avishar Ben-Horin.”

Following Hendel’s speech, Ben-Horin addressed the ceremony, saying: “Today we are at the dawn of a new era. Use of 5G technology will lead to the advancement of industry, high-tech, smart cities and IoT technology. Taking this step is hugely significant especially in such times, given the situation in which we currently find ourselves. I call on all Israeli companies and start-up industries to realize the unique opportunities now opened up to them by the creation of a 5G environment.”