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Arab rioters and vandals targeted the Israeli town of Esh Kodesh in Samaria on Saturday, destroying property and hurling stones at residents.

Fires were sparked at multiple locations around the town, causing damage to orchards owned by residents of Esh Kodesh.

In addition, vandals uprooted trees and destroyed fences put up by local Jewish farmers.

When residents rushed to the scene to put out the fires, they were stoned by Arab rioters and far-left activists, who had been lying in wait, apparently as part of a larger plan to lure residents out of Esh Kodesh.

“This past year the orchards have been set on fire and damaged dozens of times,” a spokesperson for the town said. “We call on the security forces to bring those responsible to justice and restore deterrence to the area. This agricultural terrorism must be stopped.”

Former MK Mossi Raz (Meretz) tweeted in response: “Settlers destroyed Palestinian property in Qursa, torching a tractor, breaking solar panels, damaging farm equipment and throwing stones at cars. That’s what occupation looks like.”