A new video published this week by the Zionist watchdog organization Im Tirtzu calls on European citizens to demand from their governments to halt funding far-Left NGOs in Israel.

"During such times, it is clear that your governments need to invest every available cent in your health, employment and welfare," begins the video.

"But did you know that instead of doing so," continues the video, "your government is using your hard-earned tax money to fund millions of euros to radical propaganda organizations in Israel every year?"

The video informs European citizens that their governments fund a multitude of extreme NGOs, some of which have ties to the PFLP terrorist organization. Other NGOs, explains the video, provide legal protection for terrorists who murdered innocent Israelis.

The video even cites Germany's historic 2019 resolution equating BDS to anti-Semitism, but then takes aim at Germany's "hypocrisy" for continuing to fund pro-BDS NGOs.

Michal Salomon, whose husband, father-in-law and sister-in-law were murdered in a 2017 terror attack, is featured in the video and asks European citizens: "What would you do if a foreign government would fund millions of euros to radical European NGOs that petition your courts on behalf of terrorists who murdered innocent people?"

Salomon concludes: "Citizens of Europe, the time has come to tell your governments and the EU to stop funding extreme political propaganda NGOs in Israel. It doesn't help resolve the conflict or bring peace. It doesn't help the Israelis or the Palestinians. In fact, it only widens the conflict and encourages more hatred, terrorism, and bloodshed."

The video ends with a call to sign an email petition addressed to a number of elected European officials in multiple countries.