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In a story straight out of Hollywood movies, a death row inmate escaped prison by digging a tunnel and crawling through it to freedom.

Cai Ji Fan, a Chinese national, was tried and sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Indonesia, but had no intention of giving up his freedom or his life so easily. Cai, a famous drug dealer, was imprisoned in Tangerang prison, and stunned the guards when he managed to dig a narrow tunnel 50 centimetres wide and 30 meters long and escape through it to the prison sewer system.

According to the inmates, Cai had been planning his escape for six months. He stole tools from the kitchen and began digging a small tunnel with them. Cai's roommate said he offered to take him with him, but the roommate refused and preferred not to take any chances.

Security cameras showed Cai slowly emerging from the sewers and beginning a slow walk down the street.

Cai was sentenced to death in 2017 for trafficking 110 230 pounds of methamphetamine. This is the second time he has escaped from prison. In 2017, he made a hole in a bathroom wall through which he and several other prisoners escaped. He was recaptured three days later.