Invitation to Leila Khaled event
Invitation to Leila Khaled eventAct-il

About two weeks ago, the leaders of the Act-il project received a message from members of the Jewish community in San Francisco about an online event centered on terrorist Leila Khaled and titled “Whose Narratives? Gender, Justice and Resistance” and intended for students at San Francisco State University.

In an ad inviting participants to attend, Khaled is portrayed as "a groundbreaking militant feminist leader."

Khaled is a terrorist from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) who was involved in a series of airplane hijackings which targeted Israel in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

In 1969 she was part of a terrorist cell which hijacked TWA Flight 840 from Rome to Tel Aviv, forcing the plane to land in Syria.

A year later, Khaled participated in the attempted hijacking of El Al Flight 219 from Amsterdam to New York. After the hijacking attempt was foiled. Khaled was arrested, but later released by British authorities following a subsequent hijacking.

Act-il took immediate action upon discovering that Khaled was scheduled to speak in the virtual conference and called on their online community to write to the president of the university and the administration demanding that the terrorist not be allowed to express her incitement in the virtual conference.

Khaled has never expressed regret for her actions and has been promoting terrorist organizations and their activities against Israel on several occasions in recent years.

Khaled set off controversy in September of 2017, when she took part in an event at the European Parliament in Brussels titled “The Role of Women in the Palestinian Popular Resistance.” The event was organized by far-left Spanish MEPs.

The President of the EU Parliament Antonio Tajani later announced that representatives of terrorist organizations or former terrorists would no longer be allowed to participate in events in parliament.

In November of 2017, Italy refused entry to Khaled, who was stopped by Italian border police in Rome after she disembarked a flight from Amman. She was expected in the Italian capital as well as in the southern city of Naples to give talks on the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the PFLP, but was sent back to Amman.

Khaled’s lecture is scheduled for Wednesday and for the time being, the university has not yet responded to the thousands of inquiries on the subject. At the same time, virtual and physical protests are being organized against the appearance, mainly by the Jewish community in San Francisco.

Tom Berman, director of Act-il at the Abba Even Institute for Diplomacy, told Arutz Sheva, "More than a thousand members of the Act-il community have already sent emails to the university's administration, demanding the cancellation of the lecture that gives a platform to terrorist Leila Khaled, even though she encourages terrorism against Israel."

"We hope that in the next day, many more will join the move. Our uniqueness, as Act-il, is the ability to motivate a large number of activists to take action in a short time through innovative diplomacy and mass outsourcing of online activity. We recently managed to cancel a vote in Los Angeles that would have brought in BDS ideas into the curriculum in public schools and we believe that this time too we will be able to make the change," Berman said.

The organization is asking more people to send a protest email to the university at this link and join the demand to prevent the terrorist from speaking at the virtual conference.

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