Mohammed Dahlan
Mohammed Dahlan Reuters

Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces arrested over half a dozen supporters of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ longtime political rival, Mohammed Dalhan, a spokesman for his faction said Monday, according to Reuters.

Dahlan, a former security chief in Gaza under Abbas' Fatah faction, was ousted from the party in 2011 and fled to Dubai. His home in Ramallah was later raided by PA security forces.

Abbas has accused Dahlan of, among other things, collaborating with Israel to assassinate a senior Hamas terrorist in 2002.

Dahlan was sentenced in absentia in 2016 to three years in prison for allegedly embezzling $16 million while serving as a cabinet minister.

Dahlan has been accused of involvement in the United Arab Emirates’ deal to forge ties with Israel.

On Monday, seven members of Dahlan's faction were arrested by PA security forces, according to Dahlan faction spokesman Imad Mohsen, who called the arrests "politically motivated".

The arrests included Haytham al-Halabi and Salim Abu Safia, both senior members of Dahlan's faction, said a statement from the group quoted by Reuters.

The PA's “interior ministry” declined comment.

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