Reuven The Chesed Fund

We desperately need your help rescuing Reuven M. from a tragic demise. Reuven was a farmer who dedicated his life to growth. Out of barren, dry fields he managed to grow vibrant flowers and nutritious vegetables that were exported all over Israel. When he lost his wife to cancer a few years ago, he continued his work despite debilitating sorrow. Even when Reuven himself was diagnosed with a severe form of skin cancer, he did not let down the many families who relied on him for employment.

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Tragedy hit in January of 2019, when a day before the harvest, Reuven’s entire orchard was poisoned by an herbicide inhibitor. Reuven woke up to rows and rows of dead and wilted flowers. Insurance would not cover his losses. He had to let go of all of his staff. Still, debt uncoiled like a noose around his neck. The people Reuven owes money to are unforgiving.

Reuven cannot sleep at night from stress. He is afraid to leave his house and is missing cancer treatments. The man whose existence was dedicated to growing life is now ready to commit suicide.

You can help.

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Paamonim is an organization that assists families in Israel who are trapped in dangerous financial crises. Paamonim’s team of financial experts and advocated negotiated more reasonable terms for Reuven’s case.

If we can raise 90,000$ in the next 4 days, Reuven will have a second chance at life.

Please donate whatever you can. Your help is the difference between life and death for Reuven. Please help this farmer, father, and grandfather in need, and share his story. “Anyone who saves one life, saves an entire world.” (Sanhedrin 4:5).

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