Bob Stark wrote:

“We Are B’nai Yisrael” is a song, the music and lyrics of which, HaShem inspired me to write 40 years ago. This shira (singing) has been waiting for the time when it might be needed the most. I believe that time has arrived.

This is a time of terrorism, fear, uncertainty, and chaos. This song is about identity, achdut (unity), Tzionut (Zionism), mission, pride, confidence, oneness, and Shlemut (completion)

I believe, at this blessed time, which specifically and powerfully activates Teshuva, (repentance), (reorientation and “real”change) that the message of this song should be shared with as many people as possible.

Let's turn darkness into light.

The song’s message is perfect for the Yamim Norayim (the High Holidays) and an anthem for who we are.....We Are B’nai Yisrael!!

Shana Tova U’Metuka. May this be the “good” year that is also “sweet” for B’na Yisrael, for every individual, and for the whole world.