Professor Ronni Gamzu
Professor Ronni Gamzu Ministry of Health

Coronavirus project manager Professor Ronni Gamzu on Sunday commented on the lockdown that was imposed on Israeli residents on Rosh Hashanah and noted that he does not think the tightening of the restrictions, which the government is expected to discuss, will reduce morbidity.

Speaking in an interview on Kan 11 News, Professor Gamzu stressed that drastic measures must be taken in order to reduce the numbers of cases of coronavirus and that gatherings in the recreation and commercial areas need to be significantly restricted.

At the same time, the coronavirus czar explained that the intention is to allow the economy to continue to operate. "We must not crush the entire system," he said, adding that "in the next week or two, we will probably have 5,000 verified cases every day."

Commenting on a demonstration that took place on Saturday at Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv, in which hundreds of people participated, and on other violations of the restrictions, Gamzu said, "I don't want to see it anymore. It's not me, it's us. It's already costing us blood."

Professor Gamzu said he was glad that it was decided to suspend some of the demonstrations and added he would prefer that they all stop. "This is not the time, we will have all the time in the world in the future.”

He added he is not afraid to make the right professional decision even when he has to fight for it. "I get attacked quite a bit, from citizens as well. In the end I am committed to professional truth. It is not simple, but it is the war of us all, not the war of Ronni Gamzu."

He stressed that he receives backing from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu though he does not hide the fact that political pressure is involved. "Everyone sees it. My job is to place red lines and say when I’m not willing to give in."

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