Doctors at Assaf Harofeh Hospital treat coronavirus patient
Doctors at Assaf Harofeh Hospital treat coronavirus patientYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Senior officials in the health system warned of a huge gap between the serious situation on the ground and the public's understanding of what is happening, Yediot Aharonot reported.

"The situation must come to an end," officials stated.

"It's much more serious than what you see in the news," said a senior official at one of the major hospitals in the country. "The medical staffs are exhausted. Patients keep coming in. The system being coordinated in an uncoordinated manner. It is not clear who is running the show. Instructions are not carried out in the field. Every initiative gets stuck and fails, and the disease is spreading at an unprecedented rate. We are helpless."

Another senior official warned that the crisis in Israel was on its way to reaching the extent it has in Italy. "In the coming weeks, we will have to lower the level of care for all hospital patients," he said. "We have been left with no choice. Hospital staffs are incapable of bearing this burden. It is not that the patients will not be treated at all, but treatment will fall short of the standard to which we are accustomed. It will bear a price in human life, and not just among coronavirus patients."