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Several weeks ago, I predicted that the Democrats are planning to use mail in voting delays to sabotage the US National Presidential election by paralyzing the Electoral College vote so Nancy Pelosi could claim the Presidency under the US Constitution’s presidential successor regime. Recently, several FOX News analysts effectively validated the general principle that Nancy Pelosi may be able to claim the US Presidency at noon on January 20, 2021, if the Electoral College has failed to render a winner by noon January 20, 2021.

The reason Pelosi could become president is that the Democrats will likely win a majority of the US House of Representatives in the November 2020 National election, and in that case, the Speaker will be Democrat.

My first article on “President Pelosi” only intended to raise the specter of the “Speaker may become President” issue. However, the actual catastrophic scenario isn’t that Pelosi may become President, it is that Maxine Waters, or an equally radically leftist, would have the opportunity to become President.

The only way to foil the Democrats' attempt to sabotage and subvert the US Constitution is to vote for the Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives in your district. If the Republicans win back majority control of the House, Pelosi and her Mobocrat revolutionaries will fail to effect their intended coup d’etat.

The US Constitution says that the Speaker of the House becomes the US President if both the President and Vice President are disqualified, or “incapacitated.” I’m not going to lay out all the legal defenses to the Speaker of the House actually becoming President if the Electoral College has failed in this article. There's time for that. Here, I’m going to explain how Maxine Waters, or somebody as radical, might become President.

Does Nancy Pelosi, current Speaker of the House, become President if there is no decision by January 20, 2021? Not exactly. I wrote that the “Speaker of the House” becomes President. Or, more exactly, the Speaker of the House of the next session of Congress. So if the Electoral College has failed, and the Democrats have the House majority, the Democrats can pick any congressperson they want. In fact, the Democrats can pick any person they want, in that the US Constitution does not require the “Speaker of the House” to actually be a Congressperson.

And if the Democrats know that this person will become President, you can be sure the Progressive wing and the Black Caucus of the Democrat party will want to pick the most radical Democrat in their caucus for President. To the Democrat radicals, Nancy Pelosi is a “white privileged Karen” in Progressive drag. Pelosi can never be radical enough for them. There is no question that the Democrat “moderates” will lose all control of the caucus if their election sabotage scheme succeeds.

So beyond the Constitutional crisis stemming from Democrat sabotage of the Electoral College, add the Democrats' ineviitable choice of a radical left progressive to be President.

Moderate Democrats must be brought to realize that if they vote for a supposedly “moderate” Democrat Representative, that will make no difference. All roads will lead to Constitutional chaos wrapped in a coup d’etat with a radical President. The stock market will melt down. The nuclear football will be paralyzed, leaving our country open to who-knows-what!

There is only one way for the country to avoid what can destroy it: Vote for a Republican Representative even if you vote for Biden as president. That way, if the Republicans take the majority in the House of Representatives, and President Trump wins a clear victory, the Democrats can’t cause a Constitutional crisis by delaying the installation of the duly elected President. Since the Republicans will control the House, the Democrats’ scheme to delay the Electoral College will fail, ab initio, because the Democrats will not gain an advantage by delaying if they can’t pick the President. And, if Biden wins, then the Democrats won’t delay the Electoral College.

The worst that happens is the House has a Republican majority for two years. Then, next House election, in two years, vote Democrat that time. For, the small problem of two years of Republican House control, you will have helped avert a constitutional catastrophe if Trump wins on Election night.

Dear Moderate Democrat reader, I plead with you, I beseech you, you love this country. Don’t let the Democrats send this country into a constitutional tailspin because they are hysterical with hate for President Trump. Please vote for a Republican Representative this election, and next election vote for anyone you want. Vote for a Republican Representative, or it may be the last time you ever vote because we won’t have a country left if the Democrats are successful in gaming the Presidential Election.