Yossi Cohen
Yossi Cohen Flash 90

Mossad chief Yossi Cohen on Wednesday commented on the signing of the peace agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, telling Channel 13 News in an interview that he "very much hopes that an agreement with Saudi Arabia is within reach."

"There are considerable efforts to bring more countries under the same atmosphere of peace and normalization with Israel, and I am very much in favor. I am convinced that this is possible. I am definitely looking forward to good news, I hope that maybe even this year."

The head of the Mossad explained the importance of the agreements signed this week in the White House.

"On the security level, there is a very large message here of a transition to support for Israel. The agreements are a strategic change in the war against Iran."

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the White House published the details of the agreement signed by between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and the peace declaration signed with Bahrain. The agreement does not explicitly mention the two-state solution or the issue of sovereignty, but the parties wrote that they are "committed to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while meeting the aspirations of the two peoples."

The agreement also includes opening embassies and exchanging ambassadors, recognizing the sovereignty of the parties, peacefully resolving conflicts between the countries, taking steps to prevent hostile activity from other countries against another country, cooperation and mutual understanding to promote peace and stability in the region and establishing a joint committee to promote a culture of peace and coexistence."

Cooperations were also agreed upon in a number of areas: economics and commerce, aviation, tourism, health, agriculture, water, technology, energy, environment, tourism, culture and sports.

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