Carmel Mauda in court
Carmel Mauda in courtEsti Dazyobov, TPS

The Lod District Court on Wednesday began the trial of Carmel Mauda, a daycare owner from Rosh Ha'ayin suspected of abusing 11 children in her care.

Mauda was indicted in July 2019, on 18 charges for offenses of abuse of a minor or helpless person and assaulting a minor or helpless person.

At the hearing, video clips were shown, and preliminary testimonies were heard. In addition, one of the attorneys requested that each child's case receive a separate hearing.

A request by Mauda's attorney to hold a private hearing was rejected by the court, Maariv reported.

Testifying in court, Mauda testified regarding one of her 18 charges, saying: "I take responsibility for what I did do, this never happened. I never told any child to finish his food or to eat his vomit, he ate independently."

The statement was made in response to the testimony of one of her assistants, Or Yahya, who said that she had recorded Mauda as demanding one of the children finish his food along with his vomit, and brought the recording to the police station after ensuring that the cameras worked as well.

Mauda also said that "the investigation itself was disorganized, so of course I came out not okay. I was in a very bad emotional situation, I don't know what I wanted to say there, I don't know what I meant. I was in a very hard emotional situation during that period."

She also said that she "understands the parents' pain."

"I'm not escaping the guilt, anyways people are threatening me. I'm not looking to be a victim, but I'm not going to take responsibility for what I didn't do."