Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi addresses AIPAC 2019
Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi addresses AIPAC 2019Yossi May

Efrat local Council head Oded Revivi, who until recently served as the foreign desk holder of the Yesha Council, believes that peace with the Emirates and Bahrain should lead the "Palestinian" leadership to the negotiating table, while understanding this is a change in direction for the Palestinians.

"So far we've talked about two states for two peoples, we've talked about the right of return and the release of prisoners. The agreements signed last night in Washington are not the result of an ideology and are the result of a pragmatic view.

"Cooperation will lead to security for the two countries, for more power in the political arena, for cooperation with the Iranian threat. The agreements will lead to information and knowledge sharing, economic initiatives, and tourism. I believe that the vast majority of our Palestinian neighbors are also pragmatic; they too want a thriving economy, they too want good infrastructure and education and tourism. Israel knows how to help them reach these goals. I believe that if they put the ideology of hatred aside for a moment and focus on how we can live better here side by side, we can reach peace with these neighbors as well," he added