MK Smotrich
MK SmotrichFlash 90

National Union chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of hiding the true price Israel will have to pay for the signing of the Abraham Accords, the peace agreement between the Jewish State and the Gulf states of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

"The signing ceremony of the peace agreement with the United States and Bahrain in the White House was certainly exciting. And it is still permissible and obligatory to ask what the price is. Whenever someone buys something new and nice you can congratulate him, but you can also ask how much it cost so as to be sure he wasn't swindled or charged an exorbitant price. and these sorts of agreements come with a price," Smotrich claimed.

He said, "Netanyahu is hiding it and that in itself is suspicious and worrying. And while he is hiding, the partners in the agreement, they explicitly say that a commitment has been made to stop the application of sovereignty and actually return to the leftist nonsense discourse on the Palestinian state."

"No one has the right to give up the Land of Israel. The entire Land of Israel is ours. A withdrawal from the path of sovereignty and a return to the Oslo route in exchange for this agreement is a terrible mistake. Unfortunately, after years of right-wing efforts to remove this Palestinian state nonsense from the agenda, Netanyahu restored the 'land for peace' equation. It's neither right nor reliable," Smotrich attacked.

The chairman of the National Union also referred to the expected vote tomorrow on the parliamentary committee of inquiry. “Still not right yet and unreliable? Last week, the Likud demanded a change in the court and a correction of the distortions in the State Attorney's Office. Tomorrow I will bring the first stage of this process to a vote in the Knesset plenum. How do you think they will vote? Now tell me, will it be right? Will it be reliable? "