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The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office informed Effi Azulai, the Prime Minister's Residence head, that the criminal case on his involvement in submitting false affidavits and false testimonies in favor of Sara Netanyahu will be closed, and will be examined by the Civil Service Commission, as he is a public servant.

With regard to the two employees who were investigated on suspicion of submitting false affidavits as part of a proceeding in the Labor Court, the State Attorney's Office decided that in all the circumstances, the file in their case would also be closed.

The State Attorney's Office stated that "in accordance with the amendment to section 62 of the Criminal Procedure Law, we will not be able to provide the reasons for closing the cases."

As part of a proceeding in the Labor Court (in which former Prime Minister's residence employee Shira Raban filed a lawsuit against a number of defendants including the Prime Minister's Office and Sara Netanyahu), one of the workers who filed an affidavit in court on Netanyahu's behalf addressed to the Legal Bureau in the Prime Minister's Office, claimed that the affidavit and the testimony that she submitted on Netanyahu's behalf included parts that were not true.

The matter was referred to the National Fraud Investigation Unit in Lahav 433 and after examining the evidence, the prosecution came to the conclusion that those involved should not be prosecuted. On the other hand, it was decided to transfer Azulai's case for disciplinary examination.