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Health Communication Lecturer at IDC Herzliya International School Dr. Yaffa Shir Raz today was vindicated for an article she wrote a month-and-a-half ago that was removed from the Ynet website, when Knesset Coronavirus Committee Chairwoman Yifat Shasha-Biton made identical points in Committee. In a Facebook post, Shir Raz predicted that a commission of inquiry will eventually be established to investigate the "peddling" of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Dr. Shir Raz's article that was removed from the Ynet website described Health Ministry policy vis a vis COVID-19 as cause of death.

The article, entitled Has the coronavirus death toll in the country been inflated?, said: "After evidence in the U.S. and the UK indicates that not in everyone who was registered as having died of coronavirus was it indeed the cause of death, a Ynet investigation found that also in Israel the criteria for registering a person as 'deceased from coronavirus' does not take into account the time elapsed from illness to death."

Shir Raz today wrote: "Remember my investigative article that revealed the inflation of the number of coronavirus deaths that was removed from Ynet a month-and-a-half ago after its publication?

"So now the truth is revealed, and a storm is brewing in the Knesset Coronavirus Committee:

"MK Yifat Shasha-Biton: 'I have data from one of the hospitals that 23% of the patients who were reported to have died from coronavirus did not die from the virus!'

"Unlike the other indices, of the 'verified' numbers and the number of critical patients, on which there were claims many weeks ago of inflated numbers, the number of deaths is considered the most reliable criterion in assessing the situation regarding the spread of the virus.

"But it turns out that even with this figure, the Health Ministry is proving more creative than you imagined. Just as revealed in England, and as I pointed out in my research, people who died of other diseases, cancer patients at the end of their lives, and people who died of stroke were declared dead from coronavirus, just because of a 'positive' test that had no relevance to their condition (not to mention recent revelations that show how problematic the test is as a screening test), that was often done months before their death from their illness, and sometimes even without a test at all - based on the signature of a doctor that there was 'suspected coronavirus', months before death.

"Now, MK Shasha-Biton, gave just such an example - of an elderly patient with pancreatic cancer and metastases, who was declared dead of coronavirus: 'I'm willing to appear for questioning anywhere for every word I say here," she says. "There was a debate about the numbers and whether, because of the numbers, such an extreme move should be made."

"Perhaps it's too late only now to expose this deception in the Knesset. Perhaps not. I hope not. But in the commission of inquiry that will eventually be set up - and it will be set up - and this part in peddling the epidemic will also be judged. And the media will have a part in silencing it."

MK Yifat Shasha-Biton
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