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Meretz Chair MK Nitzan Horowitz today said at a faction meeting that the peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates includes annexes that renounce Israeli sovereignty and freedom of action in Judea and Samaria.

"Tomorrow in Washington the Prime Minister of Israel and the Foreign Ministers of the Emirates and Bahrain will sign a normalization of relations. Many people ask why the agreements were not brought for government approval, weren't presented to the Knesset, and even in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee they weren't discussed. Netanyahu is hiding the annexes and agreements with Bahrain and the Emirates. Those who hide do so because they have something to hide. These agreements are not 'peace in exchange for peace'. These agreements are renunciation of annexation in exchange for normalization. I know from authorized sources that an Israeli agreement was given to freeze construction in the territories," Horowitz said.

He said, "Meretz welcomes both the normalization agreements and the cancellation of annexation, but we dislike and condemn Netanyahu's plagiarism and attempt to exploit the agreements to deny the need for peace with the Palestinians.

"As we seeit, in stark contrast to Netanyahu's statements, these agreements, which will be signed in Washington tomorrow, have also been explicitly conditioned on an Israeli commitment to prevent operations in the territories that would harm the chances of reaching a two-state solution.

"Once again it is proven, for the thousandth time: There is no normalization in the Middle East without Israeli agreement on a two-state solution, and there will be no real peace without reaching an agreement with the Palestinians. True peace, in solemn ceremonies done with our neighbors, out of willingness to pay prices. This is the long-awaited peace, this is the peace that will save lives," Horowitz claimed.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's entourage denied the allegations. A source close to Netanyahu told the Walla website: "Horowitz's sources as a politician are even worse than when he was a journalist."

ניצן הורוביץ: שלום תמורת ויתור על ריבונות והקפאת בניהערוץ כנסת