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Despite the date on the calendar, Israel's weather is still warmer than usual, similar to the usual summer temperatures.

On Monday, temperatuers will be higher than seasonal average, similar to Sunday's weather. In the southern Golan, the western Galilee, the northern valleys, southern Galilee, Judean Desert, and eastern Negev, the heat will be oppressive. However, in the Kinarot Valley in northern Israel, the Dead Sea area, the Jordan Valley, and the Arava region, the heat will be extreme.

According to Israel's Meteorological Service, Tuesday will see a slight rise in temperatures, especially in the inland and mountainous regions, and temperatures will be above seasonal average.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy or clear, with no significant change in temperatures, and Thursday will be likewise.

On Friday, just prior to the onset of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), tempeartures will be higher than seasonal average.

However, temperatures are expected to drop slightly on Saturday and Sunday.