Mediterranean map showing Tunisia, Libya, Turkey
Mediterranean map showing Tunisia, Libya, TurkeyiStock

I’ve been showing my 487 Million Muslims (including Turkey) versus 11 Million Greeks Map Graphic for over 10 years, and my Western Theater Israeli Strategic Gaming Map for 14 years. During this time, I would always get the same incredulous, challenging looks and the same disbelieving question: Why are you including Turkey in the 487 Million Muslims attacking Greece and Southern Europe; don’t you know Turkey is a NATO country.?

I would always give the same simple answer: Turkey is a proto-Islamic State Caliphate country led by Recep Erdogan, a hard-core Islamist who thinks he is the next Caliph. I even gave a lecture to the United Nations on the subject of Turkey’s waxing Islamist evil in 2014.

President Trump must do one thing immediately. He must immediately evacuate the 60 B61 tactical nuclear bombs that are now housed in the NATO base at Incirlik, Turkey.
Now, that the Turkish President has dropped all pretense of rationality in Turkey’s affairs, I will have a slightly different answer: Turkey is now an Islamic State Caliphate led by the hard-core self-styled Islamic Caliph, Erdogan. What we are witnessing in the Eastern Mediterranean with Turkey’s military threats is nothing short of the new Islamic State of Turkey threatening the soft-under belly of Christian Europe.

The “Islamic State” President Trump annihilated was a misnomer. Turkey and only Turkey is the Islamic State that was, and is, threatening the existence of Western Civilization and Russia. Turkey needs to be militarily defeated or it will wipe out Western, Christian, and Russian civilization.

How did we get here? There were 8 years under the Obama-Biden Administration that took cues, if not outright direction, from Turkey’s Erdogan. For instance, in March 2011, at Turkey’s and Qatar’s direction, then-President Obama launched the military attack on Libya’s Muammer Qadaffi, Operation Odyssey Dawn. Turkey saw “Odyssey Dawn” as the “Ottoman Dawn” and knew it would be able to set all of North Africa ablaze with Muslim Brotherhood Islamism in the wake of Qadaffi’s elimination.

Turkey continued by actively working to unseat secular Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak through its Hamas/Gaza base of operations. Again, the Obama-Biden team was all in favor of an, Islamist Muslim Brotherhood Egypt and went apoplectic when Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf engineered the secularist counter-revolution of General Sisi.

In the wake of Turkey’s coup in Egypt, a resplendent proto-Caliph Erdogan unabashedly told the world what he really thought about Islamist Turkey and the newly Islamized Egypt. On September 13, 2011, then Turkish PM Erdogan stated that an Egypt-Turkish alliance would “form a force of 150 million people strong” and “We are substantially surrounding the Mediterranean.”

Erdogan didn’t stop there. On, September 27, 2011, PM Erdogan, speaking at a Turkish warship launching, stated (or more accurately, threatened):"I recommend the international community take the necessary lessons from the Preveza victory.” The “Preveza victory” was the naval Battle of Preveza where on September 28, 1538, the Ottoman Empire’s navy decisively defeated the Pan-Christian “Holy League” Alliance.

So, here you had a supposedly NATO Prime Minister openly referring to an Islamic State military defeat of Christian Europe only about 460 years earlier. Thank G-d, Saudi Arabia had the good sense and bucks to turn back Turkey’s Islamist tsunami while all the while fighting Obama and Joe Biden.

While Turkey has done everything it could to set Hamas and Gaza aflame against Israel, the Sunni Arab world saw through Turkey’s “Jihad through Gaza to Jerusalem” as merely a ploy to increase Turkey’s Islamic Levant footprint. Additionally, Greece and Cyprus began to see Turkey’s virulent terrorist activities against Israel, as a nascent threat to Cyprus and mainland (and Islands) Greece.

Turkey’s realization that the Sunni Arabs and Greece/Cyprus have seen through Neo-Islamic Caliphatic hegemonic goals leads us to recent events. Seeing that the Sunni Arabs and Greeks are now militarily coalescing inside a military alliance of Southern Europe, Arab countries, and Eastern Europe where Israel is the critical central military hub, has made Turkey reckless and transparent.

Over 6 years ago, I wrote MEATO: The Trans-Riyadh-Jerusalem-Athens Alliance. “MEATO” stood for “Middle East Atlantic Treaty Organization.” In the article, I predicted,

“For, it is now clear that there are tectonic shifts in alliances taking place that could place Israel’s military might as the cornerstone to a new Middle East-Mediterranean alliance from Riyadh to Athens that will transform history. The Pan-Greek-Israel-Saudi alliance will be called MEATO, Middle East Alliance Treaty Organization.” I continued and stated, “Only through Israel can the Eastern-Theater-Saudis also graft into Israel’s Western-Theater-Mediterranean Sea alliance with Greece. A joint Middle East alliance between the Saudis, Israel, Egypt, and Mediterranean Greece would be a watershed event. Such a topologic-geographic connective east-west span through the Levant could open a gas-oil-pipeline from the Persian Gulf to Europe that would change history.”

And the Egyptian Sisi Counter-Islamic Revolution didn’t stop Turkey from continuing its drive for Islamic State hegemony over the region.

Through Northern Syria, Turkey was slowly attempting to murder the Kurds and create its own Arab Islamic State proxy. On August 5, 2020, the American Military Lead Inspector General for the American military’s mission in Syria and Iraq, U.S. European Command called Turkey a “major facilitation hub” for ISIS and said security at the country’s southern borders with Syria and Iraq continues to be a problem. Turkey has been playing a double game in Syria, supporting Turkey’s Islamic Terrorists against the non-Turkish Islamic terrorists. Turkey is now the Islamic State, and the Islamic State is Turkey.

That brings us to Libya, the Ground Zero for Turkey’s plan to exponentially expand its own Islamic State Caliphate. Turkey knows that with its foothold in Libya, it will, in time, bring down the secularist Egypt and bring the 100 Million Egyptians under its Caliphatic Jihad. With Egypt’s Muslims under its control, Turkey will not only control North Africa, but the Suez Canal. By means of Libya, Turkey aims to control the entire Mediterranean Basin, North Africa, and the Red Sea, the soft western underbelly of the Gulf States. Thus, for Turkey, Libya is not just Libya, but the very realization of Turkey’s Islamic State Caliphate.

France as a southern European country, has seen the Turkish Libyan future and has realized it must assert a “Red Line.” On the Turkish side, Turkey is sure the time has come for Turkey to attempt to repeat the Battle of Preveza.

Additionally, Russia now sees Turkey’s goal in Libya as not tactical, but strategic. With Libya, Turkey will be able to close down and control the entire Mediterranean Sea, thereby rendering Russia’s Montreux Convention access through the Turkish Straits meaningless. For, if the “Mediterranean Sea” becomes the “Turkish Sea,” Russia’s “getting through the Straits” to the “Turkish Sea” is like going from the frying pan into the fire.

President Trump must do one thing immediately. He must immediately evacuate the 60 B61 tactical nuclear bombs that are now housed in the NATO base at Incirlik, in southwesternTurkey,. Each B61 nuclear bomb carries a possible nuclear blast of 340 kilotons, or about 41 times the atomic blast in Hiroshima, Japan in 1945. But, President Trump must not just plan for an “evacuation.” The American military must plan for a forcible violent and if necessary, deadly evacuation of the 60 nukes. Turkey will not let those nukes go quietly.

To summarize, Turkey is attempting to remake itself from the “Sick Man of Europe” to the Islamic State Superman of the Mediterranean, the Gulf States, and Africa armed with 60 B61 American nuclear bombs. Unless, Turkey is dealt with decisively and quickly, it will represent an imminent existential threat to Europe, western civilization, and America. Forget Iran, Turkey is about to make the Iranian threat to the world look like a cruel joke.