El Al airplane
El Al airplanePhoto: Moshe Shai / Flash90

A new nationwide lockdown in Israel could include a total ban on all air travel, according to a senior Health Ministry official.

On Thursday, the Coronavirus Cabinet voted eight to four in favor of a plan to impose a second nationwide lockdown, likely set to begin either next Wednesday night or Friday night, and to last at least two weeks.

The lockdown may last as long as three weeks, and could also include an additional two-week closure of all schools.

While that plan must still be brought to the government for approval this coming Sunday, the Health Ministry is putting together a list of additional restrictions to be imposed as part of the lockdown.

One likely restriction is a total ban on air travel, Yediot Ahonort reported Friday morning, citing senior Health Ministry officials.

The officials said that it is likely that the lockdown plan, whose details are still being drawn up by the ministry, will include a complete ban on all air travel for at least two weeks.

“A lockdown means that there won’t be any incoming or departing flights,” one senior ministry official said Friday.