Storm over Israel
Storm over IsraeliStock

We are more than ever concerned these days, in light of the political process, the deceptive reports and announcements in the media. We hereby issue cautions and warnings.

We see a number of red blinking warning lights that the “peace” with the Emirates and other Arab countries is not really “peace in exchange for peace”, as it is presented by the Prime Minister and his people, but is an integral part of the Deal of the Century, part of the process of formulating a Palestinian state.

Now is the time to turn our attention to the bright, blinking red warning signals showing us the tragic direction that the current political steps are leading to.

In the preface to the Deal of the Century, the following quote appears: “We believe that if more Muslim and Arab countries normalize relations with Israel, it will help advance a just and fair resolution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians”. It seems that the agreement with the Emirates and other Gulf states is leading us directly in this dangerous direction.

The pressure on Abbas to return to the negotiating table and accept the Deal of the Century is increasing from outside as well as from inside. From Egypt, the Emirates, the United States, and even within the Palestinian leadership. Below we mention a few indications of these pressures:

The Arab League refused to hold the urgent conference at the request of the Palestinian Authority.

Bahrain rejected the PA’s request to approve a clause to condemn normalization.

Saudi Arabia allowed an Israeli flight over its skies (but announced that it would not normalize its relations with Israel until a Palestinian state is established).

Sources in the Palestinian Authority and Fatah say, in closed discussion, that the policy of “sit and do nothing” is costing the Palestinians a heavy price.

Sources in the PA estimate that “the threat of annexation” has been postponed for two to five years at least and that Abu Mazen must take advantage of this to return to the negotiating process.

A Palestinian security source said that lately, there have been contacts between the American and Palestinian security forces to investigate the PA’s readiness to return to negotiations in light of the postponement of the annexation plan.

The Palestinians have made it clear to the Americans that meanwhile, there is covert security cooperation between them and Israel. (All of this information is from Middle East expert Baruch Yadid, head of the Arab desk at the TPS news agency)

Last but not least, and apparently the most concerning: We must remember that the main player in the deal with the Emirates is former senior figure in the PA, Mohammed Dahlan, the close confidant of the Emirates’ leader Prince Mahmoud Ziad. Dahlan is looking forward to the day when he will return to leading the PA and will succeed Abu Mazen. He is interested in doing this as head of the Palestinian state. This is where he is directing the Emirates’ leadership.

The fact that Defense Minister Benny Gantz is willing to hold a meeting of the planning and building committee in order to make 5000 housing units available in Judea and Samaria does nothing to reduce the concern over the establishment of a Palestinian state. There is no better way than a few building crumbs to silence and paralyze the residents of Judea and Samaria and the Right.

Another worrying item: The Prime Minister is still committed and bound to the paradigm of two states. He never denied it or expressed regret for the Bar Ilan speech. Even if he claims that it would be a “demilitarized” state, everyone knows that ultimately a demilitarized state is a state like all other states.

Does Israel gain anything from this political process? Is this really a win-win situation? Will Israel really have “peace in exchange for peace”? After all, the purpose of the Deal of the Century is the solution to the “Palestinian problem”, meaning, the establishment of a state for them. The American president sees this goal as an impressive achievement and proof to his people that he has the power to do what all the presidents before him could not do. President Trump seeks to prove his abilities as a deal-maker in the political sphere too. In the speech that he gave on the 28th of January, 2020, at the White House, President Trump made it clear that “Forging peace between Israelis and Palestinians may be the most difficult challenge of all. All prior administrations, from President Lyndon Johnson, have tried and bitterly failed. But I was not elected to do small things or shy away from big problems.”

It seems that the “peace” process now being formulated for economic and commercial development has one result: the surrender of large parts of the Land of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state. Pinhas Inbari, a veteran journalist and commentator on Arab affairs, senior consultant and researcher for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, who writes books on the Palestinians, writes clearly on this topic: In his essay from Sep. 9, 2020 in “Zman Yisrael”: “After we have sobered up from the fake-annexation, the time has come to sober up from the fake “peace for peace”. “There is a problem with the Americans. They mean what they say. To understand the Trump plan, you just have to listen to the program manager Jared Kushner. They intend that a Palestinian state will arise in parts of the West Bank. The Palestinian state will bring Arab states into an agreement with Israel – the original Saudi plan but in reserve order. Not a state first and normalization later, but first normalization and then a Palestinian state”.

We must really ask the entire Rightwing camp: Aren’t we, with our paralysis, advancing the establishment of a Palestinian state? Are we, on the Right, at all aware of the tectonic change that is happening here? And what should our response be?

We are raising the alarm about the existential danger concealed in the political processes that are leading to the establishment of a Palestinian state in the heart of our Land. A majority of the people and a majority of the Likud ministers and right-wing members of Knesset oppose a Palestinian state and many have worked hard for sovereignty.

The agreements with the various countries must be done from strength and faith, without harming the Land of Israel! We have returned to our Land to dwell in it securely and for our concern for future generations.

A huge process might develop in our area if we act with the knowledge of our own spiritual, physical strength and our historic destiny. It is still possible! True leadership can bring about wonderful results in the world. When historic justice is done, the ethical side is strengthened and will act throughout the entire world.

It is now just before the Days of Awe, days of individual and collective rectification. “Today the world was conceived, today all the creatures of the world are judged”.

The writers are the founders of the Sovereignty movement founded by Women in Green