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Several days ago, incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Lois Frankel posted a controversial tweet that went viral, “The Republican Party has embraced hate-filled conspiracy theorists. South Florida has not forgotten about the Parkland tragedy. We need leaders in Congress who understand and respect the survivors, not people who harass them and insult the victims’ memories.”

Lois Frankel, who seemed to take a page out of the “mean girl handbook,” took a cheap shot at her Congressional Republican opponent Laura Loomer, and invoked one of the worst tragedies in the history of the country to do so.

Frankel’s insensitive attack reeks of desperation; a last ditch effort to smear the opposition in the homestretch of a competitive campaign. It’s reminiscent of Jr. High catfights between school girls. Not Frankel’s finest moment.

Bereaved father: "You sick and demented Democrats viciously attacked me and said my daughter deserved to be killed because I was a Trump supporter."
Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was one of the victims in the Parkland massacre, had this to say in response to Frankel, “You sick and demented Democrats viciously attacked me and said my daughter deserved to be killed because I was a Trump supporter. Laura Loomer stood by me and my family You were nowhere to be found! I can’t wait to see Laura send you packing in November! #FixIt !"

Pollack’s frustration with the present political leadership is palpable. As has been the case for so many, Pollack is forced to confront cheap political hackery while facing the worst possible tragedy. Not even the loss of a daughter can insulate the bereaved from the cheap tactics of career politicians.

This PR blunder comes after an attack on Frankel from the Laura Loomer campaign. The Loomer camp went after Frankel for supporting BLM, a known anti-Israel organization with a worrisome affinity for antisemitic radicals. Frankel has managed to juggle this support while being Jewish herself and representing a large Jewish constituency in Florida’s 21st district.

Her constituents previously expressed concern over her inaction in not condemning antisemitic sentiments by the Congressional members referred to as “the Squad.” Anointed with the nickname “Lazy Lois,” she is known in her district to be MIA. There have been many complaints made against her and her low attendance record. Lois, however, found the time to pop her head up out of the Florida swamp to drop this offensive tweet. In the future, Frankel should be careful not to hit that “send” button so flippantly. Elections are around the corner, attacks such as these can be career breaking.

Lois Frankel may be under the impression that her relationships with prominent Democrat Congressional members is the security she needs to keep her seat. However, there has been a surge of Republican support in Florida, and rapid political changes are unfolding across the country.

The Jews have a word, Lashon hora, it means engaging in derogatory speech about a person, a tactic to be avoided as much as possible. It is considered to be a sin. Yom Kippur, when the Jews repent for their past transgressions, is right around the corner. Let’s just say Frankel may have some teshuva (apologizing) to do during these High Holy Days.

Angela Van Der Pluym is a Jewish girl from Chicago. She has a Political Science degree with an emphasis in Public Law and is part of the Young Leaders cabinet of Herut Noth America.