SmotrichArutz Sheva

National Union Chairman MK Betzalel Smotrich seeks to bring to Knesset vote tomorrow his proposal to establish a parliamentary inquiry committee to examine the law enforcement and justice systems.

This, due to an assessment that at this time the Arab Knesset Members will also be interested in supporting the proposal, on the background of suspicions of deliberate cover ups in the case of Yaqub Abu Alkian's killing.

For this purpose, Smotrich demanded in a letter to Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin that he approve raising the proposal on the Knesset agenda tomorrow by telephone poll.

Smotrich said: "This is a simple procedure that was performed more than once in the 20th Knesset, where I served as Deputy Knesset Speaker and Member of the Knesset Presidency.

"A parliamentary inquiry committee to examine the failures is a must. Because of the many investigations and for the public's trust," Smotrich tweeted this afternoon.

"I do not imagine that the Knesset Speaker will block it due to 'procedural difficulties' and this is an opportunity for us, and this time also for the Arab elected officials, to demand an in-depth investigation tomorrow, including the injustice done to the Al-kiyan family. There's a majority for that," he added.