Maale Shai, prior to the first evacuation, in August
Maale Shai, prior to the first evacuation, in AugustCourtesy of residents

Israeli Border Police officers evacuated the hilltop outpost of Maale Shai early Monday morning, after residents reestablished the unauthorized community.

Maale Shai was first established on August 27th, following the murder of Rabbi Shai Ohayun in Petah Tikva at the hands of a Palestinian Arab terrorist.

The new community was built on land designated as Area B; under Israeli security control but under the Palestinian Authority’s civil administration.

Built on land near the Palestinian Authority town of Sinjil in Samaria, Maale Shai was evacuated within hours of its establishment.

Residents returned to the site where Maale Shai was first established and rebuilt the make-shift community – only to be evicted once again, when Border Police officers were deployed to the area early Monday morning.

In a statement released by Maale Shai, residents declared that they were determined to establish a Jewish presence in the area.

“It is unbelievable that Arab construction is allowed to run wild in the area, including in Area C,” which is under full Israeli control, “with the authorities slow to act or tolerating it, yet at the same time the authorities show zero tolerance to Jewish construction or settlement expansion.”

“Today it is obvious to everyone that the Jewish people needs to return to all its land, including Area A and B. Wherever there isn’t Jewish settlement, terrorism and anarchy will reign.”