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Sudanese Foreign Minister Omar Kamar al-Din presented a list of demands which Israel would have to meet before Khartoum would agree to make peace with the Jewish State.

He said the US is expected to discuss the issue with Israel and any progress would begin from there.

"Even if it was the will of the Sudanese street, it is important that specific conditions be met for normalization. The head of the Provisional Sovereignty Council, [Abdel Fattah al-]Burhan, discussed the terms with [US Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo," al-Din said.

"Pompeo said the administration would examine this with the Israeli side and respond," the Sudanese foreign minister said in an interview with the a-Tiar newspaper in Sudan.

However, he did not specify what the Sudanese government's demands were, and he reiterated his government's position that it is not within the authority of the caretaker government to decide on an issue such as normalization with Israel since it is not elected.

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