EA-18G Growler
EA-18G GrowleriStock

There is growing concern in Israel over the arms deal between the United States and the United Arab Emirates after the New York Times revealed new details about the deal.

According to the report, the deal will include, in addition to the sale of F-35 aircraft, also Boeing EA-18G Growlers, a specialized version of the F/A-18 Super Hornet, dedicated to electronic warfare and thwarting air defense networks.

The aircraft is able to remotely and quietly disrupt the tracking systems of enemy missile batteries, and then attack them with special missiles designed to destroy the radar and take the batteries out of use.

With the enemy anti-aircraft batteries destroyed, the other aircraft would then be free to pursue their original targets.

The Israeli concern is that the UAE will receive enough advanced aircraft to undermine Israel's Qualitative Military Edge. Of great concern to Israel is the possibility that the US will sell the UAE the F-35, the most advanced fighter plane in the world.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan commented on reports that Prime Minister Netanyahu had consented to the sale of the F-35 to the UAE. "I examined the issue in depth with those involved - Israel did not give its consent to such a deal, not even tacit consent," Erdan told Kan Bet.

"The United States is committed to maintaining Israel's military-technological advantage," Erdan said