Heat wave
Heat waveiStock

The heavy heat will continue over the weekend, with the heat becoming oppressive on Friday afternoon. Along the coast, the air will be extremely muggy.

In Katzrin, temperatures on Friday are expected to reach 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 degrees Fahrenheit), while in Tzfat, Rehovot, and Beit Shemesh, temperatures are expected to reach 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Nahariya, Haifa, and Tel Aviv will see temperatures of 34 degrees (93.2), while Tiberias and the Dead Sea area will reach up to 45 degrees (113 degrees). In Tayibe, the heat will reach 37 degrees (98.6 degrees), while in Ariel, temperatures will reach 39 degrees (102.2 degrees). Jerusalem and Mitzpe Ramon will see temperatures of up to 40 degrees (104 degrees), while Be'er Sheva could see temperatures of 43 degrees (109.4 degrees) and Eilat of up to 47 degrees (116.6 degrees).

Saturday will see a slight drop in temperatures, but the heat will still be oppressive and temperatures will remain relatively high for the season.

The heat wave is expected to continue at the beginning of next week as well: While there will be a slight drop in temperatures, the heat will remain oppressive to extreme. Only on Tuesday will the heat wave break.

So far, Magen David Adom (MDA) staff have treated 700 people who suffered various injuries from the heat. Of those, there were 474 incidences of weakness and dizziness, and 227 instances of fainting. Ahead of the continuing heat, MDA has warned of dehydration, heat stroke, exhaustion, fainting, and more.