Manama at night, Bahrain
Manama at night, Bahrain iStock

The Bahraini government announced on Thursday that it had accepted a request from the government of the United Arab Emirates to allow flights between the UAE and Israel to cross its airspace.

An official source at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications quoted by the Bahrain News Agency said the country would allow all flights coming to and departing from the United Arab Emirates to all countries to cross its airspace.

The source said that the Civil Aviation Affairs at the Transportation and Telecommunications Ministry had approved the request it had received from the General Civil Aviation Authority in the United Arab Emirates in this regard.

The announcement comes a day after Saudi Arabia agreed to allow United Arab Emirates flights to "all countries" to overfly the kingdom.

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia permitted the historic first flight from Israel to the UAE to cross its airspace.

Bahrain’s announcement follows reports that it is expected to announce the normalization of ties with Israel very soon, perhaps following the official signing of Israel’s agreement with the United Arab Emirates.