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Rafael Levy, who was seriously injured in a terrorist attack in Rosh Ha'Ayin about two weeks ago, announced Wednesday morning that his wife had given birth to a baby boy.

Levy shared his feelings in an emotional post he wrote on his Facebook account: "This is my answer to terrorism, this is my answer to the terrorist."

Hours after it was determined that the attack had been nationalist in nature, Levy said: "It was not an easy event."

"This is my victory!" Rafael Levy wrote on Facebook next to a picture of him and his wife holding the baby on their way home from Beilinson Hospital."

"Less than three weeks ago I was reborn. I was critically wounded by a terrorist in Rosh Ha'Ayin (yes that was me). The terrorist (may his name be obliterated) stabbed me 28 times, wounded me very badly, and nearly killed me. But I won!!! Here, today, after less than 3 weeks, I am on my feet. It's painful standing up, but I am strong," he said.

"I thank G-d, who decided that my time had not yet come and gave me another chance to continue living," Levy continued, "Thank you my dear wife who did not leave me for a moment and gave me all the strength to recover and fight and get stronger! This is my answer to terrorism, to the terrorist. They teach their children murder and hatred, while we teach ours life and love! This is my answer to terrorism, and this is my great victory. The people of Israel are alive and well."