The Be'er Sheva District and Magistrates Court
The Be'er Sheva District and Magistrates CourtNati Shohat/Flash90

Rabbi Netanel Shriki of Netivot has been identified as the suspect arrested Monday night for sexually assaulting women.

On Tuesday, the Be'er Sheva Magistrates Court extended Shriki's arrest by three days.

Shriki is suspected of indecent assault on two women who came to ask his advice. On Monday night, the three swapped barbs at the Be'er Sheva police station.

According to a police statement, "the court accepted the police's request and extended the arrest of Rabbi Netanel Shriki of Netivot, who was arrested last night, until September 3. The defendant's attorney's request to place a gag order on the suspect's identity was rejected by the court. There is a suspicion that there may be additional victims, and the investigative team is working to locate them."

Attorney Susie Aranya, who is representing the victims, said: "The extension of Rabbi Shriki's arrest shows us that the court believes there is a reasonable suspicion that justifies the continuation of his arrest. I praise Israel Police, which is working seriously and investigating this issue in-depth."

"The women who complained are cooperating fully with the investigators for the purpose of bringing the truth to light with regards to his manner of conduct. The actions attributed to him seem, from the testimonies, to be similar actions and a method of operation."