Eliyahu Gafni
Eliyahu Gafni Arutz Sheva

Emmanuel Council Head Eliyahu Gafni slammed the decision to class his city as a "red" zone where schools must remain closed.

In an interview with Kol Barama Radio, Gafni said, "We don't have a lot of confirmed [coronavirus] cases, but because of [coronavirus czar Professor Ronni] Gamzu's 'traffic light' plan, we're defined as a red city."

"The Health Ministry sees that we have about 20 cases at any given moment, but the number of [people] in quarantine is low. I'm saying clearly: The one at fault for this story is the authorities."

Gafni also expressed amazement at Bnei Brak's ranking as an "orange" city, since on Monday, it had been a "red" city.

"This morning, we held a meeting and told the residents that in the meantime, there will not be classes in any of the educational institutions," he said. "On Friday, Bnei Brak was a red city and Emmanuel was orange, yesterday it suddenly reversed."

"I'm telling you clearly: It's easier to close us down. Bnei Brak is a completely different story."