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A well-known rabbi from southern Israel was arrested Monday night by police investigators after complaints were filed against him, Israel Police reported Monday evening.

The complaints, filed by two women, claim that the "rabbi" attacked them.

An investigation was opened, during which it became clear that the "rabbi" is suspected of indecent assault.

According to initial investigations, the suspect was called for an interrogation on suspicion of sexually assaulting two women and interfering with the investigation. Police will request an extension of his arrest on Monday morning.

An additional suspect who was interrogated is suspected of interfering with the investigation. He was arrested and will be brought Monday for an extension of his arrest.

According to Israel Hayom, The investigation began after a doctor filed a complaint with Israel Police, accusing the suspect of sexually assaulting her when she arrived to ask initial advice. The doctor told interrogators that after she lifted her shirt, he asked her to lift her bra, claiming that it would "help him diagnose her situation." According to her, he touched her chest with his hand and at that moment she felt very embarrassed. He later touched her stomach.

After the investigation began, an additional complaint was received against the suspect, from another woman who described a similar incident. That woman said that she knows of two other cases in which the suspect sexually assaulted women who came to ask him for spiritual advice.

Attorney Susie Aranya, who represents the doctor, told Israel Hayom that the charges were serious, partly because the suspect used his position and influence against her client, while she was in distress and asked him for advice. Attorney Zion Amir, who represents the suspect, requested not to comment on the investigation against his client.