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The experts, we hear, are advising President Trump to tamp it down a notch if he wants to win re-election.

He will need the votes of suburban moms who apparently don’t like loud noises and are afraid of the dark.

With that comes a warning, that suburban women are “better educated” and thus become irritable when given information which refutes what they learned in college.

So Trump is being advised to drop the “toxic masculinity” but to speak softly, lest the ladies faint away and need smelling salts to revive.

This means we got it all wrong about the Feminist Movement?

Its main point was that women can swear, spit, box, bench press, shoot pool, wrestle, crush beer cans as good as any man.

They do not want you to hold the door open for them, nor pay the check after a meal, nor to watch your language in the presence of a lady.

No more ‘ladies first” into the lifeboats…unless the ship is really sinking. Chivalry is out. Chivalry Is sexist. Chivalry is dead.

Women, the feminists yelled, are not “the gentler sex.” They want to be treated as equals – as men…who are obsolete anyway.

Gloria Steinem put it like this – “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Helen Reddy put it to music – “I am woman, hear me roar. I am invincible.”

Unless she lives in the suburbs?

Women who live in the suburbs, so busy pampering the kids, the dog and the lawn, never got the word that they’ve been liberated, or so goes the pitch.

They are tender damsels, apparently. They are fragile. They must be handled with care. Otherwise they fall to pieces…out there in the burbs.

Typical was that lady who was dragged in by Senate Democrats to serve as Brett Kavanaugh’s main accuser upon charges that he misbehaved sexually some 30 years ago. Well, upon questioning, she was not sure when it happened, or if it was really him. So was it all made up? Was she a liar from the word go?

Republicans wanted to find out…in fact she was already caught in a fat fib about fear of flying…but they were warned that this witness (or actress), being a woman, is brittle.

Further questioning, or any questioning, any at all, could break her and lead to a river of tears…and would lead to accusations that Republicans are monsters.

So they clammed up.

They surely did not want to lose the women, beginning with their wives.

American women…like Israeli women…are can-do. (Young Israeli women will bake you a kugel while shouldering a rifle.}
Frankly, I have lived in cities and in suburbs, and have never seen an American woman anything like Christine Blasey Ford and the show she put on…so mousy, so breakable, so frail.

Just the opposite, if you ask me or any man who was sent out to purchase light bulbs but encountered a stampede of shoppers at the opening of a Sale.

American women…like Israeli women…are can-do. (Young Israeli women will bake you a kugel while shouldering a rifle.}

They can handle the truth, President Trump, such as noting, since the media won’t, that the Democrats are the arsonists of our cities and the evil in our midst.

The media are their talebearers. Read this.

So no need to sugarcoat your message. Keep to your style. Leave it to an expert like Joe Biden to do the pandering.

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