A labor court is set to rule Monday on whether the Teachers’ Union will be able to launch a strike at the opening of the coming school year, set to begin Tuesday.

Yesterday's session at the regional labor court ended without conclusion regarding the question of whether teachers will be permitted to strike tomorrow when the new school year starts for kindergarten classes (ages 3-6) as well as first and second grades.

The presiding judge requested the Teachers' Union to return today at eight o'clock this morning with a final decision on whether to accept the compromise solution presented by the state, according to which during the first few months of the school year, kindergarten teachers and teachers of the first two grades will be able to take unpaid leave if they are in a high-risk category for coronavirus.

Teachers taking advantage of this solution will have their status settled by a doctor specializing in such cases, where the ability to work must be determined. If the doctor decides that the teachers are truly at high risk, they will receive retirement benefits, the amount of which will be determined during this period via negotiations between the two sides.